PBIS Matrix

James Simons is a PBIS school that reinforces positive behaviors.  Please review the PBIS Matrix below so you are aware of the expectations we promote for a safe and positive learning experience.


Be Respectful

Be Responsible

Be Resourceful

Before and After School




Voice Level: 0-2

-Use quiet voices

-Use kind words

-Follow adults’ direction

-Stay on the sidewalk

-Cross only at the crosswalk

-Arrive and dismiss in a timely manner


-Go directly to designated area

-Ensure you take all necessary materials home and return them the following day

-Report problems to an adult

Hallways & Transitions



Voice Level: 0

-Only look at walls and displays

-Respect others’ personal space

-Walk on the right side of the hallway

-Walk in a single line

-Keep arms and hands by your side

-Carry a hall pass

-Be in the right place at the right time

-Do your personal best

Special Area



Voice Level: 0-3

-Walk in quietly

-Follow directions the first time

-Have all materials needed

-Actively participate in assignments and activities

-Help others




Voice Level: 0-1

-Use a quiet voice

-Respect others’ privacy

-Leave bathroom clean

-Make good choices

-Complete business in a timely manner

-Conserve water, paper and soap

-Report problems to an adult





Voice Level: 0-2

-Use “please”, “thank you” and “excuse me”

-Use table manners

-Silent voice until seated

-Clean your area after eating

-Keep all food on your tray

-Eat your own food

-Put all trash in trash cans

-Stay seated unless given permission

-Raise your hand for assistance

-Only talk to people beside or across from you

-Get everything when you go through the line




Voice Level: 0-3

-Use equipment appropriately

-Include other children in your games

-Walk to line up

-Put all equipment away

-Ask your teacher before leaving the playground

-Follow game rules

-Ask permission to use things that are not yours




Voice Level: 0

-Applaud appropriately

-Raise hand and wait quietly before speaking

-Enter and exit in a line

-Keep your hands in your lap and feet on the ground

-Be an active listener






Voice Level: 0-1

-Talk to the person sitting beside you

-Greet the bus driver when entering

-Thank the bus driver when exiting

-Keep all items with you at your seat

-Take all items when exiting the bus

-Be at the bus stop on time

-Sit appropriately in your seat

-Stay in your seat at all times

-Report any issues to the bus driver

-Raise your hand to get the bus driver’s attention




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